My scent: sexy or stinky?

What is it like, a scent of a Woman?

It should be intriguing, inspiring, stimulant and sexy. A lady should always smell good. It should be a mixture of freshness, elegance and desire.

I always knew the power of a scent and believe me, I used it a lot. Recently, I started dating a new guy, and all over sudden, I felt something’s wrong. I noticed a disgusting whitish discharge on my underwear, and it smelled different. As it progressed, I became obsessed with cleanliness; I took shower three-four times a day but it didn’t help.

If you notice that your odor has changed and you experience pain, discomfort, then it’s not normal and should be treated. There could be various reasons for unpleasant odor, including yeast infection or some sexually transmitted diseases, but the chances are, it’s caused by an infection called Bacterial Vaginosis.

Physical symptoms:

  • Vaginal Odoryour odor has changed to unpleasant or “fishy”
  • irritation and sense of burning
  • it hurts while peeing
  • painful penetration during sex
  • unusual, whitish or grayish discharge
  • embarrassment and feeling “unclean” during the day

It hurt! It hurt when I peed, it hurt when I sat at my desk at work. I couldn’t really sit still for a long time. It burned down there. I had to wear a pad, and it was painfully sensitive.

It’s a very disturbing and common condition, but mostly for moral state and self-esteem of a woman. It can have a devastating impact on your life and your social interactions.

Psychological effects:

It became a nightmare. I thought everybody’s talking about me. I shared with my best friend at work, and next week, my boss offered me “a friendly” advice to pay more attention to my hygiene. I became a castaway, and I avoided other women in washroom. I thought they all feel my bad odor when I entered and I was worried that they would judge me. I felt I was all alone with my problem.


Psychologically, anything annoying becomes a point of great importance. You start thinking that everybody around you notice your flaw and keep distance with you. You are concerned that your colleagues might actually smell your odor and judge you.

Those worries become your mania, your quirk, something that has power over you. It’s called obsessional idea, and it’s a great manipulator. You see it everywhere, you look at other women’s backs and you think “how come I have it and she’s not?” Those thoughts intrude into your life against your will. They can be dangerous in a way that it will slow down your reactions and impede concentration on a task.


There’s always this problem who to ask and who to share with. This is not something you would want to tell your best friend, or your partner. Your best friend is the one who will be mocking you. Do you know a scientific fact that a woman can keep a secret for an average of 18 hours? Bad news travels fast.

I told my boyfriend but we had an argument because he thought I was cheating on him. He insisted that I would go to a doctor’s to test for STD.


As for your partner, there always be a suspicion that you probably got that from somebody else. Especially if you know that there actually was somebody else. Often, BV develops if you have multiple sexual partners, or a new partner.

Since sex was painful, I started using false excuses for not having sex. I was always “tired” which was actually true because of the stress given by my colleagues. I pretended I had cold and canceled the dates. I started to eat more and  I wasn’t myself anymore.

Loss of sexuality

Stocksy_txp787c3ba1cnW000_Small_126641-800x400Your sex life is now down. When having sex, you think about this horrible and embarrassing smell from your lady’s parts. It’s not as pleasant anymore. Naturally, you are avoiding sex.

Subconsciously you keep distance from your partner. Yes, he or she will notice something’s wrong because of your reactions. Plus, it does smell and have this thin sour taste that can be regarded by your partner as lack of hygiene.

You avoid your small sexual rituals that normally bring so much pleasure. You become colder in bed, and your partner automatically will think there’s something wrong.

The disease has power over you

So, I went to see the doctor. He prescribed me Metronidazol, and it seemed to help. But it came back again in two months. Again, I went to see the doctor, he gave me something else. I had such a terrible reaction: nausea, metallic taste, vomiting. I was in a terrible state.

It hurt!You suffer physically and psychologically. Your natural desire will be to see the doctor. Most of doctors will give you antibiotics for your treatment which is not effective, not really, since the principal reason for your condition is disbalance between “good bacteria” and “bad bacteria”.

Antibiotics, though effective short-term, are dangerous long-term. They kill everything they can reach, no matter “good guy” or a “bad guy”. Thus, they can worsen your condition even more. Plus, they all have a high risk of adverse effect.

What I needed, is a treatment that will make my condition disappear forever. After trying various herbal remedies, I found an easy and practical technique that really helped. In just 3 easy steps that I religiously followed, my symptoms went weaker and finally gone.

Permanent freedom from Bacterial Vaginosis

Alas, the ultimate goal is not to treat the symptoms during the crisis, but not to recreate the situations when it appears. What you need, is a practical guide on how to fight Bacterial Vagionosis effectively and with good result. It is possible! You can get rid of the stinky smell forever!

It was created by a scientist who actually did the research on the subject. In just three easy-to-follow steps you will get rid of unpleasant odor and other symptoms for good. It’s a technique that already helped thousands of women and it will help you to bring back sexuality to your life.

I feel so relieved now. I can go back to my sexy underwear and high heels. I am now more open and sincere with my boyfriend, and we enjoy our time together. We always try something new, and there are so much more to discover… It’s more freedom in my sensuality and unlimited ways to please the partner.


Revive your natural odor